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【Becton Dickinson】FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer Fluidics System

【Becton Dickinson】FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer Fluidics System

【Becton Dickinson】FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer Fluidics System
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BrandBecton Dickinson
ModelFacsCanto II
Update Time2018-12-11
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The BD FACSCanto II features many innovations. At the heart of the cytometer, for example, the fluidics system features a fixed alignment flow cell to minimize start-up time and improve reproducibility. The optical system features a patented design that maximizes signal detection and increases sensitivity and resolution for each color in a multicolor assay. These capabilities and many other innovations make the BD FACSCanto II one of the most powerful and versatile benchtop analyzers available for both clinical and research applications.

For the research lab, the BD FACSCanto II system has the versatility to meet demanding research requirements. Sample introduction can be accomplished in a single tube or via the BD High Throughput Sampler (HTS), a micro-titer plate loader well suited for 96 and 384-well plates that can accommodate high throughput research applications. BD FACSDiva software efficiently controls the setup, acquisition, and analysis of flow cytometry data.

The BD FACSCanto II fluidics system is designed to streamline work, save time, and improve performance.

In the fluidics system, the sample travels up the sample injection tube, and hydrodynamic focusing within the flow cell forces particles into a single-file stream where laser light intercepts the stream at the sample interrogation point. The unique flow cell design permits particles to flow through the center of the flow cell. Increasing the sample pressure increases the core diameter and the flow rate. A fluidics cart holds large fluid tanks necessary to operate and maintain the instrument. For sample acquisition, positive-pressure pumps in the fluidics cart send sheath fluid past a 0.2-μm filter to a pressurized interior reservoir inside the instrument called the plenum. The plenum maintains a nearly constant fluid level and dampens pump pulsation using a new dynamic feedback pressure control system designed to regulate pressure. As a result, sheath flow rate does not vary with the level of fluid in the sheath cubitainer, and the reservoir automatically removes small air bubbles from the sheath supply.

Daily routine procedures, such as start-up, shutdown, and cleaning routine cycles, are automated as a result of fluidic integration with BD FACSDiva software.

BD FACS Shutdown solution prevents salt crystal buildup in fluidics lines and is supplemented with a preservative to prevent bacterial growth. During the instrument shutdown procedure, the BD FACS Shutdown solution replaces sheath fluid in all sample and sheath fluid lines.

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