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China's electronic measuring instruments welcome the market billion cake

China's electronic measuring instruments welcome the market billion cake
Issue Time:2018-03-24

China's electronic measuring instruments are currently the second opportunity for development since the founding of New China. Mainly due to the development of China's economy, China's economy has now undergone two changes: First, the industry should upgrade, and second, the industry should be independent innovation. An electronic measuring instrument is required for the selection of raw materials, the monitoring of production processes, the testing of products, and the operation of an industry. Therefore, electronic measuring instruments have historical missions of upgrading and independent innovation of other industries.

Electronic measuring instruments have a unique associated strategic industry. Its own development is good or bad. It has a very significant impact on the development of the entire national economy, especially the electronic information industry. Therefore, independently developing high-end electronic measuring instruments is the right choice for countries and enterprises. . It is expected that in the next few years, under the strong driving force of synthetic instruments, the electronic measuring instrument industry will use SDR (software-defined radio) measurement instruments and multi-field instrument interoperability extensions as hotspots. In the space where LXI and USB are used as link buses, more will be achieved. Multi-technology innovation, and actively promote the development of electronic devices, electronic applications, forming a positive interaction. The demand for domestic electronic measuring instruments is very strong. The market is about 10 billion yuan, and the sales volume is over 7 million, an increase of more than 20%.

The instrument exhibition area of ​​the 81st China Electronics Fair, which will be opened on April 10-12 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, is springing up and displaying vitality. As of March 1st, the booths for the China Electronics Show's equipment exhibition area were basically sold out, with nearly 200 exhibitors and 400 booths. The exhibition area exhibited a 95% participation rate. Domestic and foreign instrument companies competed and appeared with their new products. Chinese instrument companies show strong development. The international equipment leader is still unique and leads the industry.

For example, the leader of wireless communication and EMC test equipment, Germany's Rohde & Schwarz (hereinafter R&S), has evolved from a pioneer in laboratory test equipment to become the largest manufacturer of electronic measuring instruments in Europe. R&S Wireless Communication and Measurement The field has become one of the most influential multinational companies. For 76 years, R&S has been known for its quality and precision in the areas of test and measurement, broadcast television, secure communications, radio monitoring and direction finding. It is a leader in mobile communications, EMC testing, measurement equipment, and terrestrial broadcast television wireless transmission technology. R&S provides innovative solutions and products for mobile phone manufacturers, network operators, electronic equipment manufacturers, and broadcast television network customers. This time, the R&S-RTO captures all the details of any signal with a high-performance touch oscilloscope;

Taiwan GOODWILL GDS-2000A Series VPO Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 70/100/200/300MHz Bandwidth, 80000wfms/s Waveform Update Rate, 2048 Group Segment Memory, Perfect Combination of Trend and Mainstream; Yokogawa Test Measurement Latest Digital Power Meter WT310/WT330 Series and Portable Paperless Recorder GP Series. The WT310/330 series is targeted at the energy-saving market for electrical and electronic equipment. It is mainly used to measure the power consumption, standby power, efficiency, and distorted waves (harmonics) of products. It can simultaneously measure voltage, current, power, or cumulative power and other conventional measurement items. Calculations such as harmonic analysis that require calculations are performed, and automatic range switching is performed for the first time in the industry to achieve integrated energy measurement. GP series paperless recorders are widely used in production lines and R&D units in various industries. They are mainly used to collect, display and record data such as temperature, voltage, current, flow and pressure. The user interface uses a touch screen to ensure simple and intuitive navigation. A highly flexible and scalable system configuration supports Ethernet LAN standards and can be monitored and configured via Internet Explorer.